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A little about me and why I started my recipe sharing website.  My name is Mardi Selene Palos and I am happy YOU are here.  As we all know, food is a necessary item in all our lives. I enjoy great recipes that make your taste buds burst with delight and your mouth waters for another bite.  I strive to find great recipes by fabulous cooks to share with all people of all ages, backgrounds, and occasions. I hope you all will find something good to eat from my sharing of these recipes and cooking links with you and your family and friends.

History:  I first started sharing recipes on my first website (Mardi's Fun Recipes) that I developed back in 2001.  This web page is in the menu above, so it's easy to find and use.  But, I then became interested in sharing recipes on Facebook in 2013.  I started acquiring a lot of followers and decided it was time to build a new recipe website that is dedicated primarily to finding and sharing recipes from various cooking sites.  I do not take credit for their awesome recipes.  This site is a gathering place for you to experience several cook's prospective in cooking techniques and ideas for your meal planning.  These cooking sites have step-by-step videos and the opportunity to print the recipe from their site. 

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