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History of Mardi's Funpagez

I first started sharing recipes on my first website (Mardi's Fun Recipes) that I developed back in 2001.  This web page is on this site, so it's easy to find and use.  But, I then became interested in sharing recipes on Facebook in 2013.  I started acquiring a lot of followers and decided it was time to build a new recipe website that is dedicated primarily to finding and sharing recipes from various cooking sites.  I do not take credit for their awesome recipes.  This site is a gathering place for you to experience several cook's perspectives in cooking techniques and ideas for your meal planning.  Most of these cooking sites have step-by-step videos and the opportunity to print the recipe from their site.  

Notes:  You can still view my recipes at the legacy site.  I have not only selected cooking websites, but I have also included links to my original website for your enjoyment.  This legacy website uses Word documents for viewing/saving/printing recipes.  There are several websites and pages where you will find recipes, recipe card makers, and also, learn about your health & beauty facts. All websites and web pages open in a "New" window so you don't lose your place at Great Recipes by Fabulous Cooks

Be Patient:  The Word documents on my legacy site (Mardi's Funpagez) takes a few minutes to open. You will be given the opportunity to "Open" or "Save" (pop-up menu) the documents in Microsoft Word.  Be sure you have MS Word on your computer.  Please allow time for the documents to open. I have provided a link where you can download Microsoft Office 365.

If you have Recipes or Health & Beauty tips, submit them on the contact form under "Submit a Recipe" in the main menu above.  I thank you ahead of time for any recipes or household tips.  Just add them to the "Contacts" page here:  Great Recipes by Fabulous Cooks - "Contact Me".  Any other comments regarding website problems or helpful insights can me left in the "Blog" section located at the top menu.

My legacy website is not just for recipes and health, but also an entertaining site that you may also enjoy:  Mardi's Funpagez.  This website is my original (legacy site) work that I started in 2001 - present.  There you will find more "FUN" places to explore and enjoy.  Please check it out and have fun!  Be Sure to Catch the Magic!! 

Mardi's Funpagez is a site full of fun and entertainment... a variety of videos, music, art, colorful backgrounds, poems, Wallpapers, recipes, and so much more. I hope to give you some smiles, laughter, joy, and inspiration when you visit Mardi's Funpagez